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Lot 449

COLONIES Album from a deceased member’s estate (117 pages). Very good collection with a mixture of mounted and unmounted mint, with some good used items to fill some gaps. A number of varieties listed, though not all confirmed or included within the valuation. There are enough gaps to give the buyer the opportunity  to complete.  Cat Sass. approx €40803. Heavy lot 1.8kg and more suited to room bidders.


Lot 510

ISTRIA LITORALE SLOVENO  Marini Album pages with a good but incomplete range - ideal for expanding cat Sass. €850+


Lot 511

VENEZIA GIULIA  Marini Album pages. Cat Sass. €450



Lot 512

TRIESTE ZONE A  Marini Album pages with incomplete range. Plus 2 sheets not started cat Sass. €1800 (not including Gymnastics €350 CTO?)


Lot 513

FIUME Red Marini Album with incomplete range with some blank pages offering scope for a new collection.