The Italian Post Offices in Constantinople 1908 - 1923

by Mario Chesne Dauphine & Colin Pilkington

(published 1988 & reprinted in 2007)

Although now over 20 years old, this book is still worth having if you are interested in the subject.

Reviews when it was first published included the following comments:-

"I know of no work as complete as yours on this subject, even in Italian .."  

Danilo Bogoni of 'Cronaca Filatelica'

"A splendid piece of work which will be very useful indeed to have to hand .."  

Ian McQueen of O.P.A.L.

The book was awarded a VERMEIL medal at SARONNO 88.

The book is priced at £10 (plus P&P UK = £2, Europe = £6, ROW = £8) and can be obtained from:-

The Italy and Colonies Study Circle, 13 Pond Close, Harefield, UXBRIDGE, Middx, UB9 6NG, UK              

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Note: The book is currently OUT OF STOCK and not likely to be reprinted. However, please inquire if you would like a digital copy.