ICSC Handbooks (click titles for more details)

No. 1 - The Postal Tariffs of the Italian Area 1850 - 1985 (published 1985 - now out of print)

No. 2 - The Italian Post Offices in Constantinople 1908 - 1923 by Mario Chesne Dauphine & Colin Pilkington          

No. 3 - Italian Lake Mail Postal Markings by Grahame Lindsey

No. 4 - The Postmarks of Fiume 1809 - 1945 by J.F.Gilbert

No. 5 - The Papal States - The Stamps of the 1852/67 Issue by Peter N.G.Rayner

No. 6 - Lake Maggiore Its History, Posts & Steamers during the 19th & 20th Centuries by Alan Becker


No. 7 - The Postmarks of the Province of Fiume 1924 - 1943 including precursors by J.F.Gilbert


No. 8 - The Censorship of the Civil Mails in Italy and its Colonies During World War One by Alan Becker


No. 9 - The Postal History of the French in Italy, 1915-1919, with particular reference to the French Military Mission.

          by David Trapnell 

No.10 - Italian South Atlantic Airline (L.A.T.I.) by Martyn Cusworth

No. 11 - The Port of Livorno - A Survey of its Maritime Postal History (17th to 20th Centuries) by Alan Becker

No.12 - Gabriele d’Annuzio & aerial propaganda and the post war years by John F. Gilbert

No.13 - House of Savoy. Profiles of Italian Royalty by John F. Gilbert

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